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OWNER is a Java library. The distribution form is a JAR file.

However OWNER is available on Maven Central Repository, this means that if you want you can still download the library jar, the javadoc.jar, the sources.jar or a prepackaged archive containing the distributable binaries (including sources and javadocs) in bin.tar.bz2 or bin.tar.gz or format from this link.

Once downloaded what you need, you are ready to configure your IDE; and here, it’s up to you and your chosen IDE. Generally speaking you just need to reference the library jar in the CLASSPATH environment variable, as explained in the Java tutorial.


If you are using Maven, things are quite simple, just add the following section to your pom.xml:


Replace 1.0.8 with the latest version available. At the time of writing this page, the latest version is 1.0.8, but you need to check if there is any newer version.

Finding the latest version released

You can search on the Maven Central Repository to verify the latest available release.

Many modern IDEs integrate well with maven, so after adding the above section in your pom file and refreshing your project in your IDE, you should be ready to use the library APIs.

Java 8 and superior

Java 8 introduces some new language features, such as default methods in interfaces.

In this case you should specify the owner-java8 artifactId instead:

To use it, you need to have JDK 8 installed properly in your system; then, you need to declare a maven dependency in your project pom.xml:


owner-java8 artifact depends to the artifact owner, so you don’t need to specify both in your maven dependencies.

No transitive dependencies, full freedom!

The OWNER library does not introduce any transitive dependency to third party libraries into your project, so this should prevent any conflict with libraries from which your project depends on.

Building from the sources

You can install the version under development to get advantage of the latest features.

If you want to do so, please consult the chapter Building from sources.