v1.0.5 contains following enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Support for XML. OWNER is now able to load not only from properties files, but also from XML files. The XML can follow the Java XML Properties format, or can be freely defined by the user.
    (See more in the documentation: XML support and see #5).
  • Added method registerLoader() to ConfigFactory, so the user can define new loaders for more file formats.
    (See #55).
  • Support for classpath: URLs in HotReload. Also it works with the default files associated to the mapping interface, when @Sources is not specified.
  • Added method Set<String> propertyNames() in the Accessible interface.
    (See #46).
  • Added Event support for property changes and reload. Both the events can now be transactional: the listener can be notified by an event before and after a property change or a reload takes place. The listener can check what is changed and eventually rollback the reload or property change operation.
    (See more in the documentation: Event support and see #47).
  • Added non-static ConfigFactory, so one can create independent instances of OWNER Factory objects.
    (See #43).
  • Added implementation on hashCode() and equals().
  • Added serialization capability to OWNER Config objects, so now they can be transferred through the network or transformed to byte streams.
    (See #54).
  • Allow @ConverterClass annotation to override default converters (i.e. primitive types, etc).
  • The interfaces Reloadable, Mutable and Accessible now extend from Config, so you don’t need anymore to extend directly from Config. For instance, your interface can now extend just from Mutable to generate an object which is also a valid Config object that can be instantiated by the ConfigFactory:


Site Enhancements

  • Website sources reorganized: moved from gh-pages branch to master, with publish ant scripts build.xml.
  • Added news section, with release announcements and blog posts.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed bugs on tests that were making the build failing on Windows systems.
  • Fixed bug #51, variables expansion, and path expansion not working properly with string containing the backslash characters '\'.
    Thanks NiXXeD.
  • Fixed bug #42, regarding the incompatibility of the OWNER library with the Google App Engine security restrictions.

Downloadable artifacts are published on Maven Central Repository.